Our Mission


We are in constant savage search around the globe for the PUREST of ancient skin care ritual ingredients! Our mission is to only gather organic, therapeutic grade, 100% plant based, and sustainable ingredients to create luxurious, and hand-crafted goods inspired by primitive cultures from around the world.  These potent potions provide deep healing from skin to soul. 

We are committed to the following practices: 

"100% Pure Botanical Love": Elegant Savage sources the purest of plant based ingredients. This does not mean much in this day and age considering the lack of transparency with ingredients where anything can be labeled as "pure". Please believe that when we say Pure we mean it! It is our mission, and heart's desire to bring more awareness to consumers around this subject. For example, plant based over synthetic is great, but there are other factors that need to be considered before making the assumption that something is healthy because it is plant based. We go above and beyond with our sourcing by looking into growing, harvesting, and extraction methods to ensure purity, and therapeutic value of our products.

Our products are:

  • 100% natural botanical ingredients that are food grade, and good enough to eat. 
  • Oils are either cold pressed, or steam distilled. The essential oils used are a therapeutic grade. Over 90% of EO's on the market are adulterated and cut with chemicals that are found in brake fluid. We know where to find the purest essential oils on the planet, rest assured!
  • Vegan and not tested on animals w/ the exception of bee's wax as an binding agent in our body balm. The vegan alternative is a synthetic emulsifying wax which is known to be a toxic culprit which we refuse to use. 
  • GMO Free 
  • Created without synthetic ingredients, fillers, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, alcohol, phthalates, chemicals, artificial dyes, mineral oils, or petroleum based.

"Co-impact": This means we not only look for the purest of natural ingredients but we look at how the people, the plants and the places from where our ingredients are sourced are impacted. For example, Elegant Savage does not source ingredients that are being "over" harvested or endangered.  In other cases, there may be "limited availability" of one of our products due to the "limited availability" of an ingredient. We know our customers will value our commitment to the planet.

"Sustainability": Protect the planet! All of our packaging is recyclable and in glass containers. No Plastic! All of our products are biodegradable.

"Education": Elegant Savage is committed to sharing and educating others on the benefits of holistic living and the wonders of plant medicine. We host a free, monthly, community event in Portland, OR called Root to Soul. Check our blog for juicy tidbits and offer a monthly newsletter to stay connected. Kristen, Creator/Maker of Elegant Savage is also available for private consultations and workshops. Sign up for our newsletter here.

"Giving Back": Besides offering free wellness education we are passionate about supporting indigenous culture, protecting sacred lands, animals, and taking a stand for women and children around the world. We will also donate 5% of this years profits to non-profit organizations that align with our mission.

Read the "Scent Science" blog post here to learn more about the therapeutic value of essential oils, and also gain awareness about the adulteration practices that are common in the industry.